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Vinh Son Orphanage Poster Fundraiser

Vinh Son Poster A

Vinh Son Orphanage Poster

Lien and her family are native people living in a small village located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Her family is so poor that only sons can live at home while daughters are sent to orphanages. Lien and her sister grew up at the Vinh Son Orphanage and are allowed to visit their family once every few years. The sisters are closer to the Mother Superior of the orphanage than to their own mother. Every morning before school, the sisters prepare and bake over 300 loaves of bread to feed 240 children at the orphanage. One morning they gave me a large loaf of bread as provisions for my day trip. It was just simple bread without any fillings, and yet I have never tasted such wonderful bread!

Every morning the sisters complete their task assiduously in a dark corner of the kitchen, unaware of what future lies ahead for them. However they always have a smile on, perhaps still believing that there are dreams and hopes in their future? This picture, by photographer Thanh Tung, captures that very moment of hope and dream of one of the sisters.

You can order this beautiful photographic print, unframed, in a 12" x 18" poster format at a cost of $50.00 each. Funds raised from the sale of this poster will be sent directly to the Vinh Son Orphanage in Vietnam, without deducting any expenses.

To order your poster, mail your $50 donation check noting "VSO Poster" the Memo line and send, along with your mailing address to:

FoCH, Inc.
Box 123
Kersey, PA. 15846

Shipping typically take 2-3 weeks. Thank you for supporting the children.


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