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The Vinh Son Orphanage

The Orphanage Project came about after visits by several members of FOCH over a period of years. It was finally approved as a project within FOCHVN in mid 2002 and we have been there assisting as we can since that time.

The orphanage had been visited by Charles Burt, Arnold Waggoner, Don Sverchek and Les Caulfield but the final decision was made when Jerry Harlowe asked FoCH, Inc. to accept a new challenge and to become involved with the Orphanage as part of the mission of FoCH, Inc.

At that time Board Directors Burt & Arnold knew well of the plight of the orphanage and their answer was the simple, "...yes, we can help."

The children come to the orphanage for various reasons but mainly it is either because of death of parents or dire poverty. We have heard that it takes a village to raise a child, but that does not operate in a condition of poverty. Although there have been great strides taken by the Government in Viet Nam, many problems remain in the Central Highlands. Unemployment is common, education is spotty, hygiene is primitive, infant mortality is high and one failed crop of rice can bring about death with ease. Every dollar spent at the orphanage is a gift to the children that is almost beyond our western comprehension. Every dollar you contribute directly to the orphanage is spent on the orphanage. This is our promise and pledge.

We also present special projects that are funded through directed donations to support quality of life issues at the orphanage such as the June beach trips and the Christmas party, complete with wrapped presents, and cards for the orphans provided by children in the United States, and treats.

Our work at the orphanage is quiet people-to-people, and we find this is the most successful way to conduct our peaceful and healing work and to assure that your money is spent wisely.

ALL of your donations for the orphanage and for the Direct Sponsorship Program are spent through our Director of Viet Nam Operations, Viet Nam office, who is on-scene to account for every penny and to monitor the projects. We make sure all monies are used as directed; we do not just drop off a check and call it a day.



A leasurly Sunday afternoon.



Thien helps in clothing distribution.

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