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This project allows a donor to directly sponsor a child at Vinh Son, or one of the other orphanages, for as little as $100 a year. You can support the child as an individual or as a civic or religious organization. There are always more children than there are sponsors.

Please contact us for more information on this program.

Dakia Leper colony is located in the South west of Kontum. It is home to 100 lepers they are living together with their family and children about 200 of them stayed and study in leper colony so in all the population is 550. They all live in small room home. After the flood of 2009, the colony with 9 feet of water hit the village and it cause a lot of damages and lost. We decided to move and to help the poorest of the poor. Monthly, we provide food for lepers as well as dental care for children. We also have helped to repair the flood damage by installing new windows and doors and one-room houses. In March 2011, we assist a group to build children playground for the leper colony. December 24 will be the fourth X-mas party ever held to celebrate and create the special day ever for the kids in leper colony by providing super, gift and Santa coming to all the children. Hoping all the kids will always be happy and be loved.

We have taken hundreds of children to the dentist for exam and dental care. These are children who have never been to the dentist and would never have expected to see a dentist in their life time. This is an on-going project and we have been joined by another organization in this project.

As an organization, FoCH, Inc. has a presence at the orphanage that is second to none. Based on that presence we see clearly the day-to-day needs of the children and we are there with the assistance needed, from medicine, to powered milk, to flour for bread and personal hygiene products for the older girls.
  • Beach Trips
    Since 2005 we have provided a Beach Outing for many of the children. We have been to the beaches at Qui Nhon and Nha Trang. This may seem trivial, but please realize that most of these children would never see the Ocean in their lifetimes. Our mission was verified by the little boy who was splashing in the water and stated: “This is the largest river I ever seen….and it is salty too”

    In 2007 we have added in new bathing suits for the children, for as simple as that would appear, the children never had swim suits since there was never a need.

    Since December 2006 we had the distinct pleasure of providing a Christmas Party for the children, including a tree, music, wrapped gifts and Christmas cards provided by children in the United States. It is our intention to keep Christmas not only in our hearts, but also in the orphanage at Vinh Son. Our Christmas parties have expanded over the years to several other orphanages in the area.

    Among our Quality of Life projects we include the Vietnamese holidays of Mid Autumn Festival and Tet New year. These are very important and festive times and the children now have their celebrations included with the rest of the nation.

Medical problems are the result of the heavy use of Agent Orange defoliant that is still contaminating the water and soil in the central highlands. Many families and children are suffering from these maladities. They need a helping hand. Your donation, your help can make things change and heal the pain from the past that is still following these kids till now. For several years, we have been providing monthly disable diapers, buying blankets, floor mats, mosquito nets yearly. We have also bought 20 beds, food grinders and provided some help for medicine for these poor kids.

“ Education is the key to our future”

Central highland is the home of the indigenous people such as Bahnar, Sedang, Jrai, Jeh- Trieng, Romam, Brau, Ede…etc. These Indigenous people are sometimes called Montagnards, which means the mountain people. The people who live and love the mountain, they are living in harmony with the forest, jungle and it plays an important role in their ways of life and it becomes their cultures, their life. That’s the reason why the Bahnar in Kon tum called them self Kon Kong (the children of mountain). Long ago, the daily life of these people is in the mountain they live, work and eat from what they found in the forest such as hunting, picking, fishing and farming. Most of these indigenous people (88%)are living base on agriculture. They live in the village, every village has their own chief and they have their own rule of each village and their own cultures.Later on since the liberation, these people lost their land their hometown, some how their own language.  They have to live and face their big change in the modern life. Many of these tribal still does not see the importance of education, does not see the changes and still there are big gap between the Kinh and the indigenous people. A lot of them do not go to school and struggling to find their position in this society. Children could not live like their parents anymore they need to change and education is the key. However, a lot of families could not afford to send their children to school even just for $40. They are struggling whether it is good to send kids to school or they can be home working on the farm. Regarding of this problem Foch has started VEP in 2012 with 20 children from different villages in Kon tum to aid children and pay their school fees. Now it has expanded 40 children in 2012 with 3 graduate from collage and one graduate from the University of QuyNhon. The two graduated children are now helping us on VEP to teach in their own village. Hopefully, we can make the change and keep enough donations to maintain the project.

We pay monthly salary for nurse Lan to take care of children health in Vinh Son I orphanage and homestay. 

We buy montly sanitary napkins for about 150 girls from remote villages to stay in Kontum to train them to be a skillful seamstress then they can go back to their own village and work. They stay in the small compound next to Vinh Son I. They are doing their cooking, washing, and care this eliminates the washing of scrap rags for the girls. 

In January 2012, we sent 14th Jarai women and one Jolong  to Kontum hospital to have their health checked and paid for 4 of them to go to hospital C in Danang to have their goiter operated. Now all of them are back and live healthy life. We also sent 2 goiters brother and sister in 2008. On April 2011, first time ever we took Sedang, Jrai, and Jolong to go to the coast to repair the cleft palate of four kids. All of them have it done now the have a beautiful smiles.

We have started working with the remote area with the biogas, water, and toilet.

Through personal commitment, several of our members have taken individual assistance projects with people they have become close with during our years of assistance in the area. Although we do not service individuals as an organization, we nonetheless see problems that can be addressed on a one to one basis and our members have no problem doing extra, above and beyond the call of duty.



















































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